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1. Application in plain paper for holding different types of festivals/ Ceremonies/ meeting/ procession/ musical function etc. including use of microphones, music in such occasion should contain the following points:

  • Particulars of venue,
  • Date and time of programme,
  • Type and purpose of the programme,
  • Number of sound system (i.e. mike, sound box) to be used,
  • Route chart of procession,
  • Whether there is any Ticket, if so details of tickets

The application must be attached with the following:

  • NOC from Land owner
  • Clearance from CESC/WBSEDCL (Electric supply authority)
  • NOC/Licence from Fire Service/Municipal/BMC/Panchayat
  • NOC from West Bengal Pollution Control

2. Registration of Sarai under Sarai Act, 1867 (New)

Prescribed application form should be collected from the Licence Section and to submit with the following documents:

  1. Application Form with Stamp
  2. Photograph of the Sarai
  3. Declaration form with stamp paper of Rs. 10/- showing the following

    i. Whether any part of the building, in which the Sarai situated is use as residence or not (YES/NO)

    ii. Whether the applicant is ready to perform the duties of a Sarai Keeper as prescribed by Section 7 of the Sarai Act, 1867 (YES)

    iii. Whether the applicant is ready to maintain a register of lodger as in Section 5 of the Sarai Act, 1867? (YES)

    iv. Whether the applicant is ready to produce a certificate of charter from a Gazetted Officer or not (sec 6 of the act)? (YES)

  4. Sanctioned building plan BMC/ Municipal Authority.
  5. Site Plan/ Lay Out (Hard Copy and soft Copy both)
  6. Income Tax Clearance Certificate
  7. Trade Licence u/s 201 of WBMA 1993
  8. GST Registration
  9. Professional Tax
  10. Approval of Pollution Control Board
  11. Fire NOC
  12. Luxury Tax payment update
  13. Details of security measures including CCTV
  14. installation (Hard Copy & Soft Copy both)
  15. Installation of C-Form and I-Form software
  16. NOC from land owner in case of rented house or lease deed
  17. Electric System Fitness Certificate

As per Government Notification No 97-PL/PB/4P-18/11 dated, Kolkata the 5th January, 2012, In exercise of the power conferred by paragraph (3) of section 2 of the Sarais Act, 1867 (22 of 1867), the Governor is pleased hereby to confer on the Commissioner of Police, Bidhannagar, the power to exercise all the functions of Magistrate of the District in respect of the Bidhannagar Metropolitan Area declared as such vide this Department notification No. 93-PL dated. 05/01/2012.

Relevant provisions of the said Act are as follows:

Section 5: Lodgers etc. not to be received in Sarais until registered, - After one month after the giving of such notice to register as this Act provided, the keepers of any Sarai or any other person shall not receive any lodger or allow an person, cattle, sheep, elephant, camel or other animal, or any vehicle to halt or be placed in such Sarai until the same and the name and residence of the keeper there of shall have been registered as by this Act provided.

Section 6: Magistrate may refuse to register keeper not producing certificate of character,- The Magistrate of the Metropolitan Area may if he thinks fit, refuse to register as the keeper of a Sarai a person who dose not produce a certificate of character in such form and signed by such persons the {State Government} shall from time to time direct.

Section 7: Duties of keepers of Sarai. The keepers of a Sarai shall be bound.

(1) When any person in such Sarai is ill of any infections of contagious disease, or dies of such disease, to give immediate notice thereof to the nearest Police Station.

(2) At all times when required by any magistrate of the Metropolitan Area in this behalf to give him free access to the Sarai and allow him to inspect the same at any part thereof .

(3) To thoroughly cleanse the rooms and verandahs, and drains of the sarai and the wells, tanks, or other sources from which water is obtained for the persons or animals using it to the satisfaction of and so often as shall be required by the Magistrate of the Metropolitan Area, or such person as he shall appoint in this behalf.

(4) To remove all noxious vegetation on or near the sarai, and all trees and branches of tree capable of affording to thieves means of entering or leaving the sarai.

(5) To keep the gates, walls, fences, roofs and drains of the sarai in repair.

(6) To provide such number of watchmen as may, in the opinion of the Magistrate of the Metropolitan Area subject to such rules as the state Government may prescribe in this behalf, be necessary for the safety and protection of and animals or behalf, be necessary for the safety and protection of persons or animals or vehicles lodging in halting at or placed in the sarai, and

(7) To exhibit a list a charge for the use of the sarai at place and in such from and languages as the Magistrate of the Metropolitan Area shall from time to direct.

Section 8: Power to order reports from keepers of Sarais.

Section 9: Power to shut up, secure, clear and clean deserted Sarai.

Section 10: Taking down or repairing ruinous Sarai.

Section 11: Sale of materials of ruinous Sarai.

Section 12: Penalty for permitting Sarais to be felting or overgrown.

Section 13: Power for state Government to make regulations.

Section 14: Penalty for infringing Act or regulations.

Section 15: Conviction for third offence to disqualify persons from keeping Sarai.

A notice along with application form is given to register his/ her Sarai as per the Act within a month from the date of receipt of the notice .He/ She is directed to comply with the provisions of the Act and to submit necessary document enlisted below.

The filled up application along with necessary supporting documents be submitted to the office of the Commissioner of Police, Bidhannagar for registering his/her Sarai as per the Act within a month from the date of receipt of the notice.