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Bidhannagar Traffic Police

A. How will you get your documents back after seizure by Traffic Police?

Step1. Deposit the fine amount online through GRIPS. You may visit the site (

Step2. Submit the money receipt including original compound slip to the concerned Traffic guards or police station within 15 days. If not paid on time the seized document/s will be sent to the concerned court.

B. When will the driving license be suspended?

  1. Red-light jumping
  2. Over speeding /rash driving
  3. Driving vehicles under the influence of drink and drugs
  4. Using mobile phone while driving a vehicle
  5. Carrying over load in goods carriages and carrying persons in good carriages

Suspension of the driving license for a period of not less than 3 (months) under section on 19 of the motor vehicle Act. 1988 read with rule 21 of the Central Motor vehicles rule, 1988.

  • You will receive a notice of hearing from Traffic Guard or ACP (Traffic)/ DCP (Traffic) for appearance and counseling.
  • Upon hearing your Driving License may be suspended.
  • C. How will you get the driving license after competition of suspension period?

    1. Deposit the amount through GRIPS (
    2. Wait for hearing to complete.
    3. You will receive a phone call/ notice to collect your Driving License from Traffic Guard or police station or ACP(Traffic) or DCP (Traffic) office after period of suspension.

    D. How you can be get your driving license before completion of suspension period?

    • You may submit your prayer before appellate authority DCP (Traffic), BDN PC.

    E. Procedure of suspension of Driving License if caught driving vehicles under section 185 MV ACT (Driving vehicles under the influence of drink and drugs).

    • You will be checked using a certified Breath Analyzer for presence of Alcohol in your breath. Certified copy is admissible in court as evidence of drunken driving.
    • You will be taken to Police Station and Hospital for Medical examination (Blood Test) for alcohol.
    • You may be released on bail from Police Station or may be forwarded before Ld. Court. However your vehicle will be remain seized.
    • You will have to pay your fine through GRIPS after your release on bail from Ld. Court /Police.
    • You have to acquire an order from Ld. Court for releasing of your seized vehicles.
    • You will be served a notice to appear for counseling to DCP (Traffic)/ ACP (Traffic) office subsequently your Driving License may be suspended.
    • You will get your Driving License back after completion of suspension period upon receiving a call/ notice form concerned office.